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Some Curiosities of the Siamese Cat

The Beautiful Siamese cat comes from Thailand, former Kingdom of Siam. Its was very loved for the royal family and they were the only ones allowed to have this type of pet that was considered pure and sacred, they appear in the manuscripts of this kingdom since 1350, however it was only until the 19th century when they reached the United Kingdom, and in 1890 to the United States.

Siamese Cat

Currently there are two varieties of Siamese cat, the traditional one and the country or modern one, they are distinguished because the first one has quite rounded features and it is smaller than the second one, which is usually thinner and with a sharp face.

These spoiled pussies have many curiosities that will surprise you.

Siamese cats were strabatic

In the beginning, these cats used to be cross-eyed or straits, but selective crossings have been made to diminish this characteristic in such a way that today in many of them no longer exists.

They make a lot of noise and a lot of offspring

Because there are not many of them for sale it was believed that they reproduced little but the reality is that the Siamese cat quickly reaches its sexual maturity having a great activity in it, they can have numerous litters of between 5 and 7 offspring, Their zeal is very intense and characterized by loud meows, and the complete marking of their territory, so to avoid this type of behavior and unwanted offspring with a consequent risk of abandonment it is better to sterilize your pet.

Siamese cats are born white

The dark areas of the body of Siamese cats, correspond to the ears face, legs and tail. This happens because they have a thermal gene that helps the pigments to be fixed in the coldest areas of their body, when Siamese cats born they are totally white, because inside the mother’s body they have an ideal temperature.

Siamese Cat

You can have many personalized details with your Siamese cat

It is important that any type of pet has its collar, and with Siamese cats much more, since by their very active nature they are sometimes lost almost unintentionally.

They are also so beautiful, because of the contrast of their fur, what are the ideal models to take photos, and then include them in many personalized details, t-shirts, bags, cell phone protectors, mugs, and cushions are some of the ones you will find in, with the advantage of being able to have your products in a few hours, and demonstrate with them when you love your cute cat friend.

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Siamese Cat