choose a perfect pet

How to choose a perfect pet

Choosing a perfect pet is not simple, but not impossible, you should take into account some advice, because depending on your time, space and type of family there will always be one suitable pet for you. Pets don’t always have to be dogs or cats, so follow these tips and you’ll soon have a new friend to make your day.

Your time to share is important.

Any type of pet needs affection, but to choose a perfect pet you must take into account that some of them require more attention time than others, even if you don’t believe it, a dog requires a lot of attention due to its high level of intelligence and its proximity to humans, A cat will demand less time from you since they are more independent even you don’t even have to take them out to do their needs.

When you buy a cat on a pet store or adopt it, in general it is very easy to teach them to use the sandbox, just leave this element on one side of your apartment or house and voila, go to do your needs without your help.

Turtles, fish and hamsters for example require even less attention. You can even have miniature rabbits, so before deciding on any pet, analyze how much time you can spend.

Acquire a pet according to your space

Animals will always need a place that closely resembles as much as possible their habitat , so you should make sure that this new friend has a comfortable place to sleep, a place to eat and a space to play, and you should also investigate the races of the pets that you will have, since some animals are more active than others, so you will avoid damaging your belongings and grow happily.

Consider your budget

The amount of money you must invest to take care of your pet will vary greatly according to the type of animal you have, and of course its size.

Choose a perfect pet does not only imply expenses in food, you will also have to take their toys into account and you must also have additional savings in case your pet requires veterinary care.

Make a list of your care

A few months before buying your pet, investigate about the care you need both in food, as in games, and in the habitat that you must allocate for it, try to have this first ready before bringing the animal, so it will adapt easily And both will be much more comfortable.

Don’t humanize your animals

Learn about the behavior of the animals you have at home, they have their own personality, for example some cats are more affectionate than others, even some rabbits give different signs of independence, or affection towards human beings.

While you can have extra affection with them, how to celebrate their birthday, or buy them some special clothes, don’t wear diapers, bottle holders, or car rides like they’re a baby, give your pet the place it deserves, and let it behave naturally so both will enjoy a beautiful and healthy relationship.

In you will find many elements that will help you have a closer bond with your pet, discover a world of surprising happiness for both of you.

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