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Meet the dog breeds that are more easy to train

All dogs can be trained, however, some breeds are easier to educate due to their docile character, intelligence, obedience, ability to understand their master and desire to learn.

Border Collie the smartest dog in the world

This particular breed has a fast and amazing learning ability and an enormous willpower. The Border Collie enjoys learning, it is a shepherd dog of great physical strength and agility, so it is excellent for canine sports.

If you have a farm, or you love competitions and sports will be the perfect dog for you

Sweet and obedient poodle

Poodle dog easy to train

Although it seems surprising, the poodle is very easy to train, since it loves to please the masters and has a great behavior, it loves obedience exercises, and all games that have to do with the development of its intelligence.

This breed is ideal for children and if you can take it to a dog training school it will give you excellent results in a short time

The German shepherd, protector like no one

The German shepherd is a supremely intelligent, and protective dog. He is completely faithful to his master, and only obeying the orders does come from a person he really knows, so they are widely used as police, therapy or rescue dogs.

German Shepherd Dog easy to train

A German shepherd has great physical strength, they love sports and outdoor games, they are ideal for young people, particularly for those who like to go jogging alone, since they will not only be a good company but also a good one defense in case you need it

Golden Retriever, familiar and friendly

This breed is perfect for all types of families, the Golden Retriever is a dog that easily passes the resistance, intelligence & obedience tests, they are very docile and loyal, which makes them really ideal when there are small children in the houses, or very old people who require quiet pets

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Doberman, The quintessential watchdog

dog breeds

This dog breed is dominant, but extremely intelligent, loves to face challenges, protects the family and the home, and must receive adequate training from a puppy in this way will acquire a good socialization and not be aggressive, the doberman will always be alert, love to please its owners, so it will be quite obedient

Labrador retriever, fun and obedient

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The Labrador Retriever breed is characterized by its great activity, intelligence, obedience and loyalty. He loves training xand takes it as a game. It is a dog that requires ample spaces, due to its strength and taste for running and climbing. If you have a farm it will be an ideal companion.

All these breeds require training, but in a short time they will achieve what others have been learning for years. The vast majority of these animals love to pose for photographs so they are excellent models for t-shirts, mugs, bags and cell phone protectors, you can find All these personalized products and many more on our website pettsar.com,

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