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Fish as a pet? Check these tips t take care of it properly

Fish as Pet : practical tips

Fish are usually very suitable pets when you don’t have too much time to share with one. They are independent and reassuring and although they do not require much care, you should have some advice in mind so that you can have a long and happy life.

Use adequate water in the fish tank

Although you can change your fish tank with tap water you should let it sit a few hours before putting your fish there, this will allow excess chlorine and dissolved gases to come out of it, so if you plan to change the water in the fish tank Leave the one you are going to use quietly in a container from the previous night.

Consider an appropriate temperature

For what fish can survive they need a temperature that ranges between 74 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, high temperature waters have more bacteria and less oxygen, in your pet store you can get a 5 watt heater which will help maintain the temperature of the regulated water.

For this it is also important that you have a thermometer in direct contact with the water in this way you will be safe and everything will be going great.

Light is an important factor

Fish require a sufficient amount of light to see, feed and reproduce. Your pets should be exposed to light at least 12 hours a day. An artificial light has the same efficiency as sunlight and helps control the growth of algae and seedling inside the fishbowl produced by natural light.

Even the brightness of the color of the fish scales depends on the amount of light they receive. So before buying your fish tank you must decide where you are going to place it, clean the glass of the fish tank externally, since most visitors will put fingers in the aquarium filling it with footprints. You just need a cloth and glass cleaner.

It must be at a point where the fish can receive the light for most of the day but without exposing it directly under the sun’s rays, as this can raise the water temperature and make the fish and plants you have in the fishbowl die.

Fish as Pet

Use the right food

If you have a fish as a pet, its basic food is protein, although some fish are completely vegetarian, so you should really know what the breed of your fish is to investigate their eating habits, so you will not make mistakes, and it will stay healthy.

Fish can be very interesting pets, but keep in mind that if you reproduce in your aquarium you must separate the fry, that is to say the smaller fish, because in its nature it is that the big fish will eat the small one, particularly If you have several races in a single fish tank.

The biggest investment will be made at the beginning, to achieve an adequate habitat, but they really require less work than any mammal.

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