ferret as pet

Important things to know to have a ferret as a pet

Ferrets are currently the favorite pets of many people, particularly in North America, why are they so fascinating? we will tell you everything.

Ferrets are very naughty

The nature of ferrets is not to be domesticated, they are hunting mammals that on average do not exceed 45 cm in length in males and 40 cm in females. They are very affectionate and friendly as regards their relationship particularly with children, so if you do not have much space it will be a good alternative as a pet, but you should know that ferrets are very naughty.

This happens because they are in a position to get into any corner of your home, in fact their elongated body is designed to easily run away, so you should leave it alone as less time as possible, keep the windows fully closed when you leave the nougat loose inside the home.

In case you have to leave or if you are busy and cannot keep an eye on it, your ferret must remain in his resting cage, so you will avoid having accidents, or that he offers you a good scare when leaving the most unexpected place.

ferret as pet

Before adopting a ferret, consider its characteristics

Ferrets are very independent and intelligent creatures, they are capable of responding to their name, and a whistle is used for example, it is able to adapt to walk on a leash, it can be held still on the shoulders of its owner, and is very affectionate.

On the other hand, given his intelligence, he is perfectly capable of doing thousands of pranks. even to open doors, so they require owners of great patience and a lot of activity.

Ferrets hunt by nature, so it is not good to share the home with birds or small rodents, they also run very fast, and are a bit difficult to catch.

From 2 months of age you should take it to the veterinarian to apply rabies and distemper vaccines, they are made annually. Although ferrets are very strong and rarely have diseases, they can present possible pathologies if you notice signs such as hair loss or appetite, vomiting and respiratory distress.

How your ferret’s cage should be

Ferrets spend most of their time in their cage, sleeping peacefully so it is important to keep it clean.

In addition, a cage for a ferret must be at least 90 centimeters high and 40 deep and 60 wide. The cage must be spacious, so if you have more than one ferret, you must multiply these measures by each of them.

Ferrets are very active pets, so the bars of their cage must be very well located and a short distance, so they can not leave between them. All ferret sizes are very active, and usually have a pretty funny character, because of how naughty they are, you will definitely want to have more than one!

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