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Someone told us that in Bufalo lives a spongy naughty girl who loves car rides, the legend tells that the brave saw a gentlemen in distress and without thinking, she jumped out of the carriage to help him, but there is also another story, in which a human mom got very scared when she decided to jump out the window while she was driving.

The important thing now is that this super hero has learned to behave like a princess during her car rides.

Thank you so much @harper_sheepadoodle for sharing and tell us this fortunately funny history..
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Today we would like to make a little tribute; we want to tell you the history of one of many furry heroes that had made changes in our perception for dogs as aggressive or incapable to feel or even value the human life.

This is the Orion’s Legacy…

Orion was a Rottweiler dog that participated in the rescue of 37 people during the so-called “Vargas tragedy”, the largest natural disaster in Venezuela where more than 10,000 people lost their lives.
In November 1999, heavy rains planted fear in the state of Vargas Venezuela. floods, landslides and mudslides destroyed cities and towns.

Tons of mud and stones that came down with the water forced his human partners to board a rescue helicopter and leave their dogs. Orion and Alpha lost their five (5) newborn puppies in the disaster.
Immediately after that, the brave dog heard some cries for help. His sight quickly located a girl who was in the river, holding a stick.

The life of the little girl was in danger, and the troubled waters did not invite heroics. Orion did not hesitate, and instantly jumped into the water. Opposing the inclement trance, he swam towards her without assessing the risk; guided by the heartrending calls of the girl.

A thousand eyes fixed their concern on the courage of the dog, everyone thought that the dog had gone crazy seeing him jump and swim among the turbulent waters that brought logs and stones, they never thought it was the beginning of one of the feats of the anonymous heroes who showed their courage in such a situation.

Some of the neighbors shouted when they saw him swimming next to the girl and when he opened his mouth they thought that he would bite the girl badly, but it was not like that, he did it so softly by the clothes that no harm caused him and he brought her to the shore, where people did not leave their amazement; Later he jumped again and rescued a second girl of 14 years from the waters, then helped eight years old children to climb to high places.

So that was how he spend the night and part of the morning of these terrible days, that the witnesses counted that “Orion” rescued 37 people from drowning, from a girl of eight years old to an old man of 80 years old, who was dug up from the mud for the can. In addition Orion would be responsible for guiding the people alone and in shock, to the place where other victims met.


On February 26th, 2000, the brave dog Orion was decorated with a medal of “Honor Al Valor” (medal of honor to courage), a blue ribbon and a diploma for the role he played during this tragedy, he manifested the fidelity and nobility of this breed helping others to survive the flood that ended with thousands of lives in Vargas – Venezuela.


Thank you god for sending us Orion, take well care of him!