Choose a cat as a pet

What you should know before to choose a cat as a pet

Cats are wonderful sweet, playful, and really great company, however there are some things you should know before you choose a cat as a pet.

Who do you want your pet for?

If your pet is for a child, obviously you should choose a small cat, since the kittens are very tender and active, so your little one will love the new pet. A small cat needs a lot of attention but it will be well worth it thanks to its games and permanent activity

If the pet is for an elderly person it is better to choose an adult cat, since it does not require much care, is educated, has its own personality and is not so dependent on the humans of the environment.

If you are a young and busy person who works throughout the day choose a cat that is not so small since they need continuous care and are very naughty, because if you are not watching them they can be harmed with the elements of the house . If you take a cat that is already a little big, it will adapt easily to your home and know how to get away from the dangers, you will quickly learn what you need to survive the day quietly while you dedicate yourself to your normal activities

Cats need to play

Keep in mind that although they seem very independent, cats love the game. His skills as a hunter must be reinforced so that they do not get bored and end up becoming aggressive and crappy

In our shop you can find some cat toys, which will help them de-stress. To perform this activity you must devote at least one hour a day. Cats will love any type of toy that moves quickly and allows them to jump and run so they can catch it, and of course everything in which they can sharpen their nails, so a suitable trunk to do so would be a great gift.

Hairs are not a problem

One of the great advantages to have cats as a pet is that their fur comes in all sizes, you can find long-haired breeds like the Persians, who look totally aristocratic, or short-haired like the American Cat, and of course the cats Kohona and sphynx, which have no hair, ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cat as a pet

Although the absence of fur in cats can produce a visual effect of fragility, they really have a very strong body, and are usually quite healthy, That you should take good care with your grooming to avoid excess fat and skin disorders .

Cats are excellent pets, but consider petting or raising them only if they show willingness to do so, otherwise they will defend themselves by scratching. Not everyone likes to be constantly spoiled, just as you need rest times and possibly want to be alone in high places.

Provide them with their space and enjoy all their great cat love.

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