We answer your basic questions about cats

Kittens are wonderful animals, their color, variety of breeds, flexibility, gaze power and nobility make them ideal to be the favorite pet of any home, however it is very possible that you ask yourself some basic and curious questions that we will take care of today to answer.

Why do cats hunt and play with their prey?

Domestic cats, even if they are well fed, will always retain the desire to hunt, so it is very possible that they can kill a creature, simply for the pleasure of chasing and catching it.

They are small felines, and like big cats such as lions or tigers retain their feeding instinct, in natural conditions, cats teach their young to stalk and hunt, bringing dying prey in the beginning, so that kittens must catch their prey although already weakened, so it is in their genetics to tire their prey before taking a fatal blow, which is why they apparently play a lot with their prey before killing it and even when they have already taken their lives .

Cats Gaze

Why does my cat bring dead animals home?

Although it seems very strange to you this gesture of your cat is really an act of much kindness, usually cats marry dinner for their family and drop it close to their young to use it. So your kitten following his instinct will bring his prey to you because you are his favorite person, and he would rather offer it to you than to eat it himself.

How do I know if my cat is cool during the summer?

The heat is dangerous and annoying even for humans, and that for us it is very easy to get rid of the pieces of clothing that heats and give us a refreshing and healthy bath, we also sweat and easily look for the coldest places, but how to know If your kitten with all its fur is comfortable in the summer?

Well, cats do not perspire through the skin, sweat glands are found in the pads of their paws, and only climb through them when they need to stay cool just like dogs open their mouths and take out their tongue, if your cat has excessive gasping may be a sign that you are very stressed or too hot.

Heat strokes can be fatal to cats, so during the summer it facilitates the possibility of being in cool, ventilated places. make sure you give it wet food and a good amount of water, keep the windows open, but with enough protection so that your cat does not have falls through them.

Cats love to drink water that circulates for this reason you will notice that your cat loves to drink tap water from the house you can put a fountain with clean water so you can drink from it quietly.

We know you have many more questions, little by little we will solve them, stay in touch!

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