How to make your dog live with a new cat

dog and a cat as a pets,

If you have decided to have a dog and a cat as a pets, and the last one is the newcomer, we will give you some tricks to make your living easier.

What to do during the first days?

When you take your cat home for the first time, keep it in a room separate from that of your dog, it is convenient that each of the two animals get accustomed to the smell of the other, a trick for this is to pet your dog and then go to the room where the cat is, letting it smell your hands, later you can do the same in reverse, in this way your dog will also recognize the smell of the other animal.

You can carry out this practice during the first 5 days, so your cat will have learned to feel safe in his new home. You will realize that this is the case when he shows interest in starting to explore the rest of the house, showing a special curiosity every time you open the door.

dog and a cat as a pets,

How to make an official presentation between your dog and your cat

The first thing you should do is take your dog to spend a good day with a long walk that includes games in such a way that when it get home it will be tired and calm. Put it hte leash, and tie it in a safe place. It is important that your cat has total freedom to move and has more than one high place where he can climb in case he feels fear.
Allow them to be observed in the first instance, it is very possible that your dog is the first to show interest and try to smell the cat. Hold your cat safely and approach it a bit. If you notice that the cat feels uncomfortable keep it away, otherwise it will try to cling to you by scratching you.
At first it will be normal for your cat to bristle, and try to run away, remember that in a natural way cats and dogs do not get along, depending on the character of both animals the process will be shorter or longer.

Keep separateb beds.

Although it is very possible that when they are confident the cat can take a nap very close or maybe on top of your dog, your pets should have separate beds, since these spaces are very personal.
Allow your cat to have the bed in a high place, for example on top of your closet, logically with the door open, in this way you will feel totally safe and can rest peacefully, which will help you to have A better mood when waking up.

You want it for the bed of each of them, you can use a personalized cushion, with your face, you can buy it on our shop they are fantastic, they come in beautiful colors, and they will give each one that special space in your home.

Making your dog and cat live together will not be impossible and once you have achieved it, you will enjoy wonderful moments.

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