How to feed your pet if you go on vacation

Feed your Pet

How to feed your pet if you go on vacation

Of course if you go on vacation for several days, it is better that you leave your pets at a friend’s house, or in specialized hotels for this, some veterinarians have the option for pet sitting while you are traveling, so you will be completely calm , and your little friend in perfect condition.

However, if you are only going to be absent throughout the day, or maximum for two days, you may not want to bother any of your acquaintances, or allow others to access your apartment or house, well, follow these tips, and everything will go perfectly.

Feeding your pet (fish) when you’re on vacation

If you are a person who travels continuously the fish are your best option as pet since they do not require too much care and you can even get an automatic feeder, which is the best option when you travel for more than one day. Before going on vacation you should put it to work to see if it works properly, as if your fish have no problem receiving food from it.

 your pet (fish)

How to feed your pet (cat) during the holidays

Cats are very susceptible to changes, take them to an unknown place either the home of another friend, or a passing home to develop some stress and anxiety, one of the easiest steps to make any of your friends or Family members feed your cat once or twice a day.

Moreover, one of the most recommended options is that your friend or family member spend that time at home, so your kittens will not suffer any stress and will be perfectly well cared for.

Feed your Pet

If you are going to be absent for only one day, simply use this technique, clean the litter box an hour before you leave, this will ensure that your pets are comfortable for the short time you will not be. Use drinking fountains and food dispensers teaching your cat to use them at least 2 weeks before your trip

It is normal for cats in your absence to stop eating, so you should not leave for a long time. If you must face for a weekend or more you should always turn to a person who performs the activities of water change food cleaning the sandbox and play so your pet would be happy.

How to feed your pet (dog) during your holidays

Feed your pet

This step really depends on the personality of your dog, dogs are wonderful and independent, in general they do not need much care and can be one or two days without you, without this generating a drastic change in their behavior.

Buy a feeder and drinking fountain with automatic dispensing, this way you will prevent your dog from over eating in your absence. Leave a garment of yours near to its bed, in this way, it will not feel abandoned by you, provide it a space so it can comfortably fulfill its needs, and not be absent for more than two days, because although dogs can survive perfectly and adapt much better than cats in your absence, its not right to abandon a pet for a long time.

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