Everything you need to know to choose a dog as a pet

It is true that the dog is man’s best friend, it is a very social animal dedicated and grateful to its owner, and although all are very tender and fun you should inform yourself well before having a dog as a pet.

How to choose a dog according to its breed

Although in principle adopting any dog ​​may appear a good idea it is important that you consider its breed especially with respect to the space in which you will have it, keep in mind that there are breeds of short hair and long hair, the latter release much more hair and must be neat and combed continuously, so it will require much more care.

There are also more active dog breeds, which will not only require you to take them for a walk more often, but will also require a lot of attention from you, so if you do not have enough time to dedicate it you should think about it a bit before acquiring them.

You should also keep in mind that some types of dogs bark much more than others, Chihuahua dogs for example are much more nervous, so they will definitely bark at any dissatisfaction or strange person. On the contrary, Siberians only bark if they are in danger, and this can be a very important factor for your peace of mind, and of course that of your neighbors.

Choose a dog according to its age

Normally, people chooses a puppy between 8 and 12 weeks as a pet, this is very suitable since it allows the dog to adapt easily to their home and in addition they can be taught many rules according to the home and family in which they are located. The stage of canine childhood is when the puppies are more beautiful and tender.

Puppies are more playful and affectionate but also more dependent, if there are children in the house. Puppies are perfect because they help form a solid friendship with each other.

Adult dogs already have a forged character and their education will be difficult to change. If you want to adopt a dog of this age you must check that his character is compatible with your way of being and your lifestyle.

The rescued adult dogs offer many advantages, they may have some adaptation difficulties in principle but you will only need an extra dose of affection and a few days to be really faithful and wonderful, since when you adopt an adult dog you will feel very happy in your new home and will do everything possible to please you and defend its territory.

Whatever puppy you choose will be an excellent pet, a new family member that will provide you with hours of fun, love, and great moments, at pettsar.com you will find personalized products, iPhone cases, pillows and towels that will be taken with the photo of your pet, so you can wear them with pride Take the photo of your new favorite friend everywhere.

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