easily to train

Meet the dog breeds that are more easy to train

All dogs can be trained, however, some breeds are easier to educate due to their docile character, intelligence, obedience, ability to understand their master and desire to learn.

Border Collie the smartest dog in the world

This particular breed has a fast and amazing learning ability and an enormous willpower. The Border Collie enjoys learning, it is a shepherd dog of great physical strength and agility, so it is excellent for canine sports.

If you have a farm, or you love competitions and sports will be the perfect dog for you

Sweet and obedient poodle

Poodle dog easy to train

Although it seems surprising, the poodle is very easy to train, since it loves to please the masters and has a great behavior, it loves obedience exercises, and all games that have to do with the development of its intelligence.

This breed is ideal for children and if you can take it to a dog training school it will give you excellent results in a short time

The German shepherd, protector like no one

The German shepherd is a supremely intelligent, and protective dog. He is completely faithful to his master, and only obeying the orders does come from a person he really knows, so they are widely used as police, therapy or rescue dogs.

German Shepherd Dog easy to train

A German shepherd has great physical strength, they love sports and outdoor games, they are ideal for young people, particularly for those who like to go jogging alone, since they will not only be a good company but also a good one defense in case you need it

Golden Retriever, familiar and friendly

This breed is perfect for all types of families, the Golden Retriever is a dog that easily passes the resistance, intelligence & obedience tests, they are very docile and loyal, which makes them really ideal when there are small children in the houses, or very old people who require quiet pets

dog breeds

Doberman, The quintessential watchdog

dog breeds

This dog breed is dominant, but extremely intelligent, loves to face challenges, protects the family and the home, and must receive adequate training from a puppy in this way will acquire a good socialization and not be aggressive, the doberman will always be alert, love to please its owners, so it will be quite obedient

Labrador retriever, fun and obedient

dog breeds

The Labrador Retriever breed is characterized by its great activity, intelligence, obedience and loyalty. He loves training xand takes it as a game. It is a dog that requires ample spaces, due to its strength and taste for running and climbing. If you have a farm it will be an ideal companion.

All these breeds require training, but in a short time they will achieve what others have been learning for years. The vast majority of these animals love to pose for photographs so they are excellent models for t-shirts, mugs, bags and cell phone protectors, you can find All these personalized products and many more on our website pettsar.com,

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aggressive cat

How to control your aggressive cat

Aggressiveness is a common behavioral factor in cats and particularly in indoor cats that are not adequately stimulated, so we are going to give you some tips so that you can control your aggressive cat.

Recognize the symptoms of an aggressive cat

Fortunately, feline aggressiveness can easily be diagnosed, is a behavioral disorder that manifests itself with a certain frequency depending on the circumstances of stress or tension to which the cat is subjected.
Your cat can behave at the beginning with attitude or fearful behavior hiding in different places, when you try to get him out of there the result will be an aggressive attack.

You can also identify an aggressive behavior if your cat rubs its head excessively, whips its tail against the ground frequently, urinates and defecates outside the litter box, or avoids living with others.

If this behavior occurs in front of a particular person or animal, you will know that it is the trigger for its aggressiveness.

Discard medical causes

If your cat begins to perform these behaviors repeatedly you should consult a veterinarian immediately, since aggressive behaviors can develop from diseases such as hyperthyroidism, osteoarthritis, tumors, bacterial infections, hypertension, and some types of cancer, and even pain Dental, therefore it is better to discard a medical cause in the aggressiveness of your cat.

Get to work … your cat will be tame again

If your cat is completely healthy you should pay close attention to the routine and the environment of your home, normally a cat becomes aggressive when it is bored or nervous little stimulated both physically and mentally.

You must then provide him with a more active life, as this will allow him to decrease his irritability. Never use violence to try to correct aggressive behaviors because on this way all you will do is increase the episodes and block the animal’s ability to learn.

On the contrary try to encourage positively with new toys, in our shop you can find some very interesting ones that will help de-stress your kitten.

You should also use many places in your home so that cats are free to climb, hide and scratch in this way they will spend their energy exercising and diminish their aggressiveness quickly.

Locate its objects strategically, since all felines feel more vulnerable when it comes to eating, carrying out their physiological activities, and drinking water, therefore, locates their feeder and drinking fountain in a safe place. Keep in mind that your litter box should not be in the same place where it feeds, cats are very neat and can annoy this situation to the point that they become aggressive.

Avoid putting both in very noisy places and high circulation of people, since they are times when your cat requires some privacy.

Apply these tips and you will see how your aggressive cat willhavea docile and playful character and you can share with him wonderful moments that will fill you with tenderness and joy.

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dog and a cat as a pets,

How to make your dog live with a new cat

If you have decided to have a dog and a cat as a pets, and the last one is the newcomer, we will give you some tricks to make your living easier.

What to do during the first days?

When you take your cat home for the first time, keep it in a room separate from that of your dog, it is convenient that each of the two animals get accustomed to the smell of the other, a trick for this is to pet your dog and then go to the room where the cat is, letting it smell your hands, later you can do the same in reverse, in this way your dog will also recognize the smell of the other animal.

You can carry out this practice during the first 5 days, so your cat will have learned to feel safe in his new home. You will realize that this is the case when he shows interest in starting to explore the rest of the house, showing a special curiosity every time you open the door.

dog and a cat as a pets,

How to make an official presentation between your dog and your cat

The first thing you should do is take your dog to spend a good day with a long walk that includes games in such a way that when it get home it will be tired and calm. Put it hte leash, and tie it in a safe place. It is important that your cat has total freedom to move and has more than one high place where he can climb in case he feels fear.
Allow them to be observed in the first instance, it is very possible that your dog is the first to show interest and try to smell the cat. Hold your cat safely and approach it a bit. If you notice that the cat feels uncomfortable keep it away, otherwise it will try to cling to you by scratching you.
At first it will be normal for your cat to bristle, and try to run away, remember that in a natural way cats and dogs do not get along, depending on the character of both animals the process will be shorter or longer.

Keep separateb beds.

Although it is very possible that when they are confident the cat can take a nap very close or maybe on top of your dog, your pets should have separate beds, since these spaces are very personal.
Allow your cat to have the bed in a high place, for example on top of your closet, logically with the door open, in this way you will feel totally safe and can rest peacefully, which will help you to have A better mood when waking up.

You want it for the bed of each of them, you can use a personalized cushion, with your face, you can buy it on our shop they are fantastic, they come in beautiful colors, and they will give each one that special space in your home.

Making your dog and cat live together will not be impossible and once you have achieved it, you will enjoy wonderful moments.

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Choose a cat as a pet

What you should know before to choose a cat as a pet

Cats are wonderful sweet, playful, and really great company, however there are some things you should know before you choose a cat as a pet.

Who do you want your pet for?

If your pet is for a child, obviously you should choose a small cat, since the kittens are very tender and active, so your little one will love the new pet. A small cat needs a lot of attention but it will be well worth it thanks to its games and permanent activity

If the pet is for an elderly person it is better to choose an adult cat, since it does not require much care, is educated, has its own personality and is not so dependent on the humans of the environment.

If you are a young and busy person who works throughout the day choose a cat that is not so small since they need continuous care and are very naughty, because if you are not watching them they can be harmed with the elements of the house . If you take a cat that is already a little big, it will adapt easily to your home and know how to get away from the dangers, you will quickly learn what you need to survive the day quietly while you dedicate yourself to your normal activities

Cats need to play

Keep in mind that although they seem very independent, cats love the game. His skills as a hunter must be reinforced so that they do not get bored and end up becoming aggressive and crappy

In our shop you can find some cat toys, which will help them de-stress. To perform this activity you must devote at least one hour a day. Cats will love any type of toy that moves quickly and allows them to jump and run so they can catch it, and of course everything in which they can sharpen their nails, so a suitable trunk to do so would be a great gift.

Hairs are not a problem

One of the great advantages to have cats as a pet is that their fur comes in all sizes, you can find long-haired breeds like the Persians, who look totally aristocratic, or short-haired like the American Cat, and of course the cats Kohona and sphynx, which have no hair, ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cat as a pet

Although the absence of fur in cats can produce a visual effect of fragility, they really have a very strong body, and are usually quite healthy, That you should take good care with your grooming to avoid excess fat and skin disorders .

Cats are excellent pets, but consider petting or raising them only if they show willingness to do so, otherwise they will defend themselves by scratching. Not everyone likes to be constantly spoiled, just as you need rest times and possibly want to be alone in high places.

Provide them with their space and enjoy all their great cat love.

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choose a perfect pet

How to choose a perfect pet

Choosing a perfect pet is not simple, but not impossible, you should take into account some advice, because depending on your time, space and type of family there will always be one suitable pet for you. Pets don’t always have to be dogs or cats, so follow these tips and you’ll soon have a new friend to make your day.

Your time to share is important.

Any type of pet needs affection, but to choose a perfect pet you must take into account that some of them require more attention time than others, even if you don’t believe it, a dog requires a lot of attention due to its high level of intelligence and its proximity to humans, A cat will demand less time from you since they are more independent even you don’t even have to take them out to do their needs.

When you buy a cat on a pet store or adopt it, in general it is very easy to teach them to use the sandbox, just leave this element on one side of your apartment or house and voila, go to do your needs without your help.

Turtles, fish and hamsters for example require even less attention. You can even have miniature rabbits, so before deciding on any pet, analyze how much time you can spend.

Acquire a pet according to your space

Animals will always need a place that closely resembles as much as possible their habitat , so you should make sure that this new friend has a comfortable place to sleep, a place to eat and a space to play, and you should also investigate the races of the pets that you will have, since some animals are more active than others, so you will avoid damaging your belongings and grow happily.

Consider your budget

The amount of money you must invest to take care of your pet will vary greatly according to the type of animal you have, and of course its size.

Choose a perfect pet does not only imply expenses in food, you will also have to take their toys into account and you must also have additional savings in case your pet requires veterinary care.

Make a list of your care

A few months before buying your pet, investigate about the care you need both in food, as in games, and in the habitat that you must allocate for it, try to have this first ready before bringing the animal, so it will adapt easily And both will be much more comfortable.

Don’t humanize your animals

Learn about the behavior of the animals you have at home, they have their own personality, for example some cats are more affectionate than others, even some rabbits give different signs of independence, or affection towards human beings.

While you can have extra affection with them, how to celebrate their birthday, or buy them some special clothes, don’t wear diapers, bottle holders, or car rides like they’re a baby, give your pet the place it deserves, and let it behave naturally so both will enjoy a beautiful and healthy relationship.

In pettsar.com you will find many elements that will help you have a closer bond with your pet, discover a world of surprising happiness for both of you.

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Everything you need to know to choose a dog as a pet

It is true that the dog is man’s best friend, it is a very social animal dedicated and grateful to its owner, and although all are very tender and fun you should inform yourself well before having a dog as a pet.

How to choose a dog according to its breed

Although in principle adopting any dog ​​may appear a good idea it is important that you consider its breed especially with respect to the space in which you will have it, keep in mind that there are breeds of short hair and long hair, the latter release much more hair and must be neat and combed continuously, so it will require much more care.

There are also more active dog breeds, which will not only require you to take them for a walk more often, but will also require a lot of attention from you, so if you do not have enough time to dedicate it you should think about it a bit before acquiring them.

You should also keep in mind that some types of dogs bark much more than others, Chihuahua dogs for example are much more nervous, so they will definitely bark at any dissatisfaction or strange person. On the contrary, Siberians only bark if they are in danger, and this can be a very important factor for your peace of mind, and of course that of your neighbors.

Choose a dog according to its age

Normally, people chooses a puppy between 8 and 12 weeks as a pet, this is very suitable since it allows the dog to adapt easily to their home and in addition they can be taught many rules according to the home and family in which they are located. The stage of canine childhood is when the puppies are more beautiful and tender.

Puppies are more playful and affectionate but also more dependent, if there are children in the house. Puppies are perfect because they help form a solid friendship with each other.

Adult dogs already have a forged character and their education will be difficult to change. If you want to adopt a dog of this age you must check that his character is compatible with your way of being and your lifestyle.

The rescued adult dogs offer many advantages, they may have some adaptation difficulties in principle but you will only need an extra dose of affection and a few days to be really faithful and wonderful, since when you adopt an adult dog you will feel very happy in your new home and will do everything possible to please you and defend its territory.

Whatever puppy you choose will be an excellent pet, a new family member that will provide you with hours of fun, love, and great moments, at pettsar.com you will find personalized products, iPhone cases, pillows and towels that will be taken with the photo of your pet, so you can wear them with pride Take the photo of your new favorite friend everywhere.

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Here’s The Secret To Extending Your Dog’s Lifespan

Want your dog to live its longest life possible? Experts say extra love and healthy habits can help.

As veterinarians learn more about canine aging, owners are finding ways to get dogs to a ripe old age and delay a . Regular check-ups, agility games and even calorie counting are just a few tools humans can use to keep their canines spry, veterinarians said.

Dr. Elizabeth Murphy, the Indianapolis-based author of “How to Age-Proof Your Dog,” said owners should view themselves as the guardians of their pets’ health. An average dog lives 10 to 13 years, with small dogs generally living longer than large dogs. But all of that can change depending on how much time you invest in your canine, the veterinarian said.

“I see plenty of dogs old enough to drive a car, even large-breed dogs,” she said. “We are the key to their longevity. So we should strive to be near them, and find things that they enjoy, that we enjoy doing. Doing things together will be healthier for the dog, and it’s also better for you.”

Like humans, dogs are vulnerable to a slew of injuries and illnesses. Some are simple, such as arthritis, sunburns and ear infections. Others are more complex, such as kidney disease and . Most, though not all, are preventable with the right amount of TLC, experts said.

Dr. Madeline Yamate, founder of the Center for Integrative Animal Medicine in Davis, encourages healthy diets, exercise regimes and maintenance care for longevity. At her practice, which is rooted in Chinese medicine, she offers acupuncture, massage and herbal supplements.

“It’s just like going to the auto mechanic – you need to have regular checks to see if there are problems,” she said. “Your dog may look fine to you, but may be in the early stages of a disease. If we catch it early enough, we may be able to turn that around.”

Here are four tips for helping your dog live life to the fullest:

1. Keep them lean

It’s easy to giggle at a chunky pug or a dachshund with a beer gut, but those extra pounds shave years off a dog’s life the same way they do with humans, Murphy said. Overweight dogs are particularly susceptible to conditions such as hip dysplasia, diabetes and cancer, and may die up to two years earlier than lean dogs, according to one study from dog food company Purina.

As a dog’s chef, personal trainer and at-home health care provider, owners have to be vigilant about not fattening their dogs, Murphy said.

“They don’t go to McDonald’s and order a Big Mac,” she said. “It’s totally in our control, how heavy they are. We choose dog foods for our dogs, we choose how much we feed them, we choose what treats to give them, and we govern a lot of their energy expenditure.”

Murphy recommends keeping a close eye on how much a dog moves, and modifying their portions as they age. Yamate forbids owners from giving out table scraps, but encourages them to cook meat and veggies for their dog whenever possible.

Chris Ouchida, co-owner of in Sacramento, said he believes the dogs who eat whole foods, especially U.S. Department of Agriculture-grade meats, will fare better than dogs living off of highly processed kibble.

“Just like with people, their bodies respond to quality ingredients,” Ouchida said. “I think avoiding those preservatives is a huge plus.”

2. Brush their teeth

Owners don’t need to brush their furry friends’ teeth every day, but twice a week is a good idea, Murphy said.

Like humans, dogs develop plaque on their teeth after eating. If not tended to, that plaque can cause gingivitis and lead to tooth loss. If bacteria from the dog’s mouth spreads to the blood stream, it can affect a dog’s kidney, liver and heart.

Brushing plaque off a dog’s teeth while it’s still soft – about every three days – is the best way to ensure it doesn’t become tartar, Murphy said. Dog toothpaste comes in multiple flavors and can be applied with a standard toothbrush.

Some chew toys can help dogs clean their teeth, but choose wisely, Murphy said. Too-hard bones and hard plastic toys may fracture teeth, so stick to solid but edible treats such as Milk Bones and Greenies.

3. Play games

Like humans, every dog has a niche when it comes to exercise. Some enjoy , while others just like to around the block. The key, experts said, is to find something that both you and your dog enjoy and do it regularly.

Many canine training facilities offer games such as barn hunt, where dogs sniff through bales of hay to find targets, or fly ball sending teams of dogs racing each other as they leap over hurdles.

Even sedentary games that challenge the mind, such as a puzzle with a treat hidden inside to sniff out, can help dogs stay young and stave off , said Alice Symons, an instructor at Competitive Canine Gym in Sacramento. Research from UC Davis suggests that nearly 70 percent of dogs ages 15 years and older show symptoms of cognitive dysfunction, such as becoming lost in familiar places or forgetting bathroom habits.

“It helps engage their mind and keep them active,” Symons said. “People tell me that their dogs, once they go home from their nose work classes, they’re completely exhausted and they just sleep.”

4. Show them love

Sacramento resident Pamela McKinnon is convinced that love keeps dogs alive.

Her most recent pet, a poodle named Maggie, survived to the age of 20. Before that, she had a Newfoundland mix that lived to be 19 and a Labrador that made it to 17. The trick, she said, is keeping them close.

“I had (dog) beds everywhere in the house,” McKinnon said. “(Maggie) felt protected and secure with me. That’s the really important thing, is that you put them close to your heart.”

Yamate recommends with your dog on patios, which is now in most California restaurants, and taking them for rides in the car (if they aren’t prone to car sickness).

“It’s very very important to take your dog out every day, even if it’s just to the mailbox or a for a ride in the car, because it’s stimulating,” she said. “Dogs are pack animals – they want to go places with you and be with you.”

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