Social Network for your pet

Social Networks for Your Pet – Tips

Did you know that your pet can also have social networks? 1 in 10 dogs in the world has Facebook, nowadays there is an audience for everything, particularly because communications through the Internet are fast and viral, so it is not strange that there are pets with more followers and Likes than famous actors.

If you have a cute and funny pet you will surely be considering the possibility of opening a social media account to publicize their skills and best moments, which we will tell you which are the best, so that your pet has an active social life.

Create a YouTube channel for your pet

In the same way that you can create a channel for you, you can create one for your pet and share its videos, preferably no longer than 3 minutes, since long-lasting videos are a bit complicated to upload, and you must take into account the coppa law so they would be not sanctioned.

 This media is used to make your pet more known among its human fans.

 Facepets to find a partner

This is a very interesting social network or your pet, helps to share photos and look for new homes or even a couple for pedigree dogs.

Doggy talky

In this social network you can create a profile for your pet, you can even Start a conversation via chat with other pet owners, you can share photos and videos in addition to raising doubts and sharing experiences with other owners, it is quite interesting and moved.

Social networks for your pet


Definitely one of the most used social networks at the moment worldwide is Instagram, with millions of users even above Facebook will help your pet to be popular and get followers quickly, you can upload videos, photos and comments and even make memes, which today they are quite popular.


It is a network only for cats works very similar to Pinterest, so each cat has its board where you can publish photos and receive Likes, it is completely in English and awards trophies to those who receive more fingers above or have shared more photos, It is very easy to use and will give your feline friend a lot of popularity

Social networks for your pet

More than pets

This social network for dogs has the same functions as Facebook But you can also earn points redeemable for food accessories or toys.

 What can you do when your pet has many followers?

Like any other youtuber your pet can sell products, particularly mugs, shirts, suitcases, cushions, cell phone cases, towels and socks with their best images, so that you have high quality products you can use as provider, for the realization of these custom items, are really wonderful and of very good quality in your images, surely more than one fan will want to acquire them!

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Smallest dog breeds – wich one do you choose?

Small dogs are curious, tender and delicate, it is considered that a dog is small when it weighs less than 10 kilos and its height is less than 30 centimeters tall, These are ideal for small spaces.

If you want one for your home we will tell you what are the smallest dog breeds in the world so you can decide on one of these little great friends.

Chihuahuas, the kings of small dogs

smallest dog breeds
Chihuahuas, the kings of small dogs

Chihuahuas are considered the smallest dog breed in the world, standing less than 25 cm tall and generally weighing less than 2.7 kg. If they are trained well they can be loyal and affectionate friendly, however if I do not know they demand appropriate behavior they can be extremely jealous, unbearably barking and aggressive until they bite strangers. Although it is very tempting, do not have them raised all the time, as they need to exercise their muscles.

Pekingese, The Little Giant

smallest dog breeds Pekingese
Pekingese, The Little Giant

Pekingese dogs are quite small but they compensate for their size with their air of dignity and importance, they will be the favorite pet of the Chinese Imperial family.

They are small dogs good for indoors, not for the gardens, since their fur can be easily entangled between the plants with thorns, and is well known that flea and tick eggs are found in the grass, due to their thick fur is better to keep them away from these types of pests.

Yorkshire Terrier, The Little Hunter

Although extremely loyal and sweet, the Yorkshire Terrier were originally created to capture rats, so their skill as hunters is really notorious, they are curious brave and determined. So much that they don’t seem to be aware of their size.

smallest dog breeds
Yorkshire Terrier, The Little Hunter

Pomeranian elegant, and tender

Also known as spitz, or cups of tea, the Pomeranians are extremely intelligent, playful and affectionate creatures, they love being the center of attention, so they pose wonderfully for all kinds of photos. They were Queen Victoria’s favorites for her fur and elegance.

Pomeranian small dog, cute & friendly pets

Although they tend to bark excessively, they can be controlled at an early age and corrected and provide activities with which they can spend their energy.

Today there are specialized hairdressers to give them particular haircuts. In those that can make them look like a miniature bear or a little lion, so they are particularly special to get fans quickly on social networks.

Fox terrier toy, the show dog

This is an extremely active and intelligent breed, they can be trained easily and are extremely loyal to their owners, if you ever attended the circus or similar shows you will surely have seen a toy fox terrier performing all kinds of acts. They are obedient and can interpret your orders easyly.

Fox Terrier Toy
Fox terrier toy, the show dog

Maltese, the perfect puppy

This breed has a really elegant and very refined appearance, its owners love to show them, they have long hair and when they cut it correctly it looks shiny and silky.

It is a dog of very sweet and playful temperament although on many occasions he is happy to sit asleep in the lap of his owner. It is very intelligent and easy to train to perform tricks, and it is even a very good watchdog that alerts you in case of danger.

smallest dog breeds

and there are many others small dog breeds, which one will you choose?

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First Aid Kit for your pet

First aid kit for your pet – learn how to do it

If you have a new pet at home it is necessary to have all the basic care to keep your health in perfect condition, in the same way that you must have a first aid kit for you at home and in your car, your pet must have a good first aid kit too. We will give you the guidelines today so you don’t miss anything in this new implemented.

Why is it important to have a pet’s first aid kit?

The animals you have at home are exposed to different situations that may pose a risk to their health, particularly if they go out to explore the garden or surroundings of your home.

Among the things that can happen are burns, particularly in kittens that seek heat near car engines, cuts, either by wires or by sharp instruments such as metal sheets, bites due to accidents or confrontations with other animals, choking, intoxication, falls or blows due to being hit by bicycles, cars, and even by the same people who sometimes do not see well or do not notice and can get to step on them especially when they are very small.

Keep in mind that a first aid kit for your pet does not replace the veterinary check-up, just like in a human being if your animal gets to have an accident, you can offer an initial help and then take it to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

What items can not be missing in your pet’s first aid kit?

First Aid Kit for your Pet

All the products that we are going to refer to must be purchased at an animal store, in this way you will ensure that their use is specialized for them, although of course there are some things that can be used for both humans and pets.

Latex gloves: These serve for your protection when you have to take care of wounds or burns of your pet will also prevent you from transmitting bacteria that can be lodged in your nails, it is a protection for both your pet and you.

Physiological serum: serves to clean the area of the eyes and wounds or burns.

Thermometer for animals: thermometers for animals are used rectally, some of them are disposable, so you can have more than one in the pet kit.

Ointments for burns and allergic reactions: these should be recommended by the veterinarian and purchased in small quantities should be alert to expiration dates.

Adhesive Plaster: is not to put it directly on the skin of your pet,, but to hold the gauze and bandages when there are wounds or require partial immobilization in case of fractures.

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Cat Litter Box

Did you know that your cat may be allergic to the cat litter?

There are many cat litter on the market, but not all o them are right for the breed of your pet, identify if your kitten is allergic to sanitary sand can save its life, we show you how to do it.

Causes and symptoms of cat litter allergy

Sandboxes have chemical components to avoid unpleasant aromas, and make the urine agglomerate and be easy to remove. In most cases, silica dust also called silicon oxide is part of its components.

This silica dust can cause allergy to kittens so you should be aware of the following symptoms:

Blue tongue. Your cat regardless of its breed should have its pinkish tongue, if you notice that it changes to a slightly bluish coloration it will be a reflection of silica dust allergy.

Watery eyes and breathless breathing are other symptoms of allergy in cats. If you observe any of them you should go to the veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis.

Cat Allergy

What to do if your cat is allergic to chemical sand?

One of the alternatives is to use crystal sand, this will also have silica pearls but they will not rise as dust, which is the real cause that bothers cats when they are going to cover their waste. The price is usually a little higher, but everything is good when it comes to the welfare of your pet.

You can also use sand made from recycled paper, although your cat will have it a bit harder to adapt, its a very economical and accessible option, but you will have to do the cleaning of the sandbox more often, since it has not smells control.

Recycled paper cat litter

Finally you can use regular sand and get it on any contruction materials store, but its necessary to filter it, because in some cases it comes with pebbles that can hurt your cat’s delicate paws. Being a biodegradable material it will not have any inconvenience, but as sameas the recycled paper, you should change the sand of your cat’s box every two or three days.

Regular Sand

Keep in mind that litter boxes are a relatively recent invention it wasn’t until the 1950s when H. Edward Low used granulated clay as a substitute for traditional sand, this allowed cats to have better health, and for their owners a better cleanness at home, so since then, it has been used and refined within the pet care industry.

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Feed your Pet

How to feed your pet if you go on vacation

How to feed your pet if you go on vacation

Of course if you go on vacation for several days, it is better that you leave your pets at a friend’s house, or in specialized hotels for this, some veterinarians have the option for pet sitting while you are traveling, so you will be completely calm , and your little friend in perfect condition.

However, if you are only going to be absent throughout the day, or maximum for two days, you may not want to bother any of your acquaintances, or allow others to access your apartment or house, well, follow these tips, and everything will go perfectly.

Feeding your pet (fish) when you’re on vacation

If you are a person who travels continuously the fish are your best option as pet since they do not require too much care and you can even get an automatic feeder, which is the best option when you travel for more than one day. Before going on vacation you should put it to work to see if it works properly, as if your fish have no problem receiving food from it.

 your pet (fish)

How to feed your pet (cat) during the holidays

Cats are very susceptible to changes, take them to an unknown place either the home of another friend, or a passing home to develop some stress and anxiety, one of the easiest steps to make any of your friends or Family members feed your cat once or twice a day.

Moreover, one of the most recommended options is that your friend or family member spend that time at home, so your kittens will not suffer any stress and will be perfectly well cared for.

Feed your Pet

If you are going to be absent for only one day, simply use this technique, clean the litter box an hour before you leave, this will ensure that your pets are comfortable for the short time you will not be. Use drinking fountains and food dispensers teaching your cat to use them at least 2 weeks before your trip

It is normal for cats in your absence to stop eating, so you should not leave for a long time. If you must face for a weekend or more you should always turn to a person who performs the activities of water change food cleaning the sandbox and play so your pet would be happy.

How to feed your pet (dog) during your holidays

Feed your pet

This step really depends on the personality of your dog, dogs are wonderful and independent, in general they do not need much care and can be one or two days without you, without this generating a drastic change in their behavior.

Buy a feeder and drinking fountain with automatic dispensing, this way you will prevent your dog from over eating in your absence. Leave a garment of yours near to its bed, in this way, it will not feel abandoned by you, provide it a space so it can comfortably fulfill its needs, and not be absent for more than two days, because although dogs can survive perfectly and adapt much better than cats in your absence, its not right to abandon a pet for a long time.

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Fish as Pet - Blue Fish

Fish as a pet? Check these tips t take care of it properly

Fish as Pet : practical tips

Fish are usually very suitable pets when you don’t have too much time to share with one. They are independent and reassuring and although they do not require much care, you should have some advice in mind so that you can have a long and happy life.

Use adequate water in the fish tank

Although you can change your fish tank with tap water you should let it sit a few hours before putting your fish there, this will allow excess chlorine and dissolved gases to come out of it, so if you plan to change the water in the fish tank Leave the one you are going to use quietly in a container from the previous night.

Consider an appropriate temperature

For what fish can survive they need a temperature that ranges between 74 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, high temperature waters have more bacteria and less oxygen, in your pet store you can get a 5 watt heater which will help maintain the temperature of the regulated water.

For this it is also important that you have a thermometer in direct contact with the water in this way you will be safe and everything will be going great.

Light is an important factor

Fish require a sufficient amount of light to see, feed and reproduce. Your pets should be exposed to light at least 12 hours a day. An artificial light has the same efficiency as sunlight and helps control the growth of algae and seedling inside the fishbowl produced by natural light.

Even the brightness of the color of the fish scales depends on the amount of light they receive. So before buying your fish tank you must decide where you are going to place it, clean the glass of the fish tank externally, since most visitors will put fingers in the aquarium filling it with footprints. You just need a cloth and glass cleaner.

It must be at a point where the fish can receive the light for most of the day but without exposing it directly under the sun’s rays, as this can raise the water temperature and make the fish and plants you have in the fishbowl die.

Fish as Pet

Use the right food

If you have a fish as a pet, its basic food is protein, although some fish are completely vegetarian, so you should really know what the breed of your fish is to investigate their eating habits, so you will not make mistakes, and it will stay healthy.

Fish can be very interesting pets, but keep in mind that if you reproduce in your aquarium you must separate the fry, that is to say the smaller fish, because in its nature it is that the big fish will eat the small one, particularly If you have several races in a single fish tank.

The biggest investment will be made at the beginning, to achieve an adequate habitat, but they really require less work than any mammal.

If you want to have a great memory of your pet, take a photo and personalize your objects with it, there are many and they are wonderful know everything about it on

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Dogs Facts

5 curious dogs facts you probably didn’t know

We will present you bellow 5 curious dogs facts that you surely did not know.

Dogs domestication began approximately 15,000 years ago, and in all this time they do not cease to surprise us.

Your dog has the understanding of a 2 year old child

Children of 2 years can understand about 300 words and more than 50 different gestures, the same thing happens to dogs when they are adults, they are able to interpret if you are sad or angry, and will perform actions according to their orders always and When it is clear and you have received prior training, you can do it yourself.

Dogs hear 4 times more than a human

One of the most developed senses dogs have is the ear. This happens because their special ears that allow them to capture frequencies above and below what we can hear, a curiosity of dogs is that they can capture sounds that are inaudible to us, so there are special whistles to call them without you hearing No noise, but immediately they will come to you.

Dog Facts

This is why dogs are bothered by loud music and the sound of gunpowder, a fact to take into account particularly during the Christmas holidays.

Dogs can calculate time and schedules

All dogs learn routines and habits therefore they are able to calculate your schedule and act differently when you are absent for longer than you are used to, there are even studies that show that your pet can feel sadness and throw you away Missing if you stay away from it for too long, therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that your absence is not too long.

Female dogs are able to know if a woman is pregnant

Dogs in general can detect subtle in our scent, you knew that a person smells different for example when they are afraid or sad, and even when they intend to steal, or have already stolen and both smells are different that is why dogs are so Good guardians.

Females have a greater perception, particularly when it comes to human house members and alter their behavior in some way when women are pregnant, being much more sensitive in their dealings with this person, so it is possible that they move away , not because they are jealous, but because they don’t want to hurt the baby or the mother, so if you notice that a dog was very affectionate before and suddenly leaves a woman, she is very likely to be pregnant.

Pregnat Woman

Not all dogs bark

Eastern Banseji dogs do not bark but emit a similar sound the Tyrolean song, depending on their personality some dogs bark more than others and definitely the Chihuahuas are the kings of the bark.

Dogs Facts

You can have many personalized memories of your pet, at You will only need a photo of your furry friend to have it on items such as towels, mugs, cushions, luggage socks and many more, another curious fact, which you will enjoy without a doubt.

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Dogs Facts

We answer your basic questions about cats

Kittens are wonderful animals, their color, variety of breeds, flexibility, gaze power and nobility make them ideal to be the favorite pet of any home, however it is very possible that you ask yourself some basic and curious questions that we will take care of today to answer.

Why do cats hunt and play with their prey?

Domestic cats, even if they are well fed, will always retain the desire to hunt, so it is very possible that they can kill a creature, simply for the pleasure of chasing and catching it.

They are small felines, and like big cats such as lions or tigers retain their feeding instinct, in natural conditions, cats teach their young to stalk and hunt, bringing dying prey in the beginning, so that kittens must catch their prey although already weakened, so it is in their genetics to tire their prey before taking a fatal blow, which is why they apparently play a lot with their prey before killing it and even when they have already taken their lives .

Cats Gaze

Why does my cat bring dead animals home?

Although it seems very strange to you this gesture of your cat is really an act of much kindness, usually cats marry dinner for their family and drop it close to their young to use it. So your kitten following his instinct will bring his prey to you because you are his favorite person, and he would rather offer it to you than to eat it himself.

How do I know if my cat is cool during the summer?

The heat is dangerous and annoying even for humans, and that for us it is very easy to get rid of the pieces of clothing that heats and give us a refreshing and healthy bath, we also sweat and easily look for the coldest places, but how to know If your kitten with all its fur is comfortable in the summer?

Well, cats do not perspire through the skin, sweat glands are found in the pads of their paws, and only climb through them when they need to stay cool just like dogs open their mouths and take out their tongue, if your cat has excessive gasping may be a sign that you are very stressed or too hot.

Heat strokes can be fatal to cats, so during the summer it facilitates the possibility of being in cool, ventilated places. make sure you give it wet food and a good amount of water, keep the windows open, but with enough protection so that your cat does not have falls through them.

Cats love to drink water that circulates for this reason you will notice that your cat loves to drink tap water from the house you can put a fountain with clean water so you can drink from it quietly.

We know you have many more questions, little by little we will solve them, stay in touch!

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siamese cat

Some Curiosities of the Siamese Cat

The Beautiful Siamese cat comes from Thailand, former Kingdom of Siam. Its was very loved for the royal family and they were the only ones allowed to have this type of pet that was considered pure and sacred, they appear in the manuscripts of this kingdom since 1350, however it was only until the 19th century when they reached the United Kingdom, and in 1890 to the United States.

Siamese Cat

Currently there are two varieties of Siamese cat, the traditional one and the country or modern one, they are distinguished because the first one has quite rounded features and it is smaller than the second one, which is usually thinner and with a sharp face.

These spoiled pussies have many curiosities that will surprise you.

Siamese cats were strabatic

In the beginning, these cats used to be cross-eyed or straits, but selective crossings have been made to diminish this characteristic in such a way that today in many of them no longer exists.

They make a lot of noise and a lot of offspring

Because there are not many of them for sale it was believed that they reproduced little but the reality is that the Siamese cat quickly reaches its sexual maturity having a great activity in it, they can have numerous litters of between 5 and 7 offspring, Their zeal is very intense and characterized by loud meows, and the complete marking of their territory, so to avoid this type of behavior and unwanted offspring with a consequent risk of abandonment it is better to sterilize your pet.

Siamese cats are born white

The dark areas of the body of Siamese cats, correspond to the ears face, legs and tail. This happens because they have a thermal gene that helps the pigments to be fixed in the coldest areas of their body, when Siamese cats born they are totally white, because inside the mother’s body they have an ideal temperature.

Siamese Cat

You can have many personalized details with your Siamese cat

It is important that any type of pet has its collar, and with Siamese cats much more, since by their very active nature they are sometimes lost almost unintentionally.

They are also so beautiful, because of the contrast of their fur, what are the ideal models to take photos, and then include them in many personalized details, t-shirts, bags, cell phone protectors, mugs, and cushions are some of the ones you will find in, with the advantage of being able to have your products in a few hours, and demonstrate with them when you love your cute cat friend.

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Siamese Cat
ferret as pet

Important things to know to have a ferret as a pet

Ferrets are currently the favorite pets of many people, particularly in North America, why are they so fascinating? we will tell you everything.

Ferrets are very naughty

The nature of ferrets is not to be domesticated, they are hunting mammals that on average do not exceed 45 cm in length in males and 40 cm in females. They are very affectionate and friendly as regards their relationship particularly with children, so if you do not have much space it will be a good alternative as a pet, but you should know that ferrets are very naughty.

This happens because they are in a position to get into any corner of your home, in fact their elongated body is designed to easily run away, so you should leave it alone as less time as possible, keep the windows fully closed when you leave the nougat loose inside the home.

In case you have to leave or if you are busy and cannot keep an eye on it, your ferret must remain in his resting cage, so you will avoid having accidents, or that he offers you a good scare when leaving the most unexpected place.

ferret as pet

Before adopting a ferret, consider its characteristics

Ferrets are very independent and intelligent creatures, they are capable of responding to their name, and a whistle is used for example, it is able to adapt to walk on a leash, it can be held still on the shoulders of its owner, and is very affectionate.

On the other hand, given his intelligence, he is perfectly capable of doing thousands of pranks. even to open doors, so they require owners of great patience and a lot of activity.

Ferrets hunt by nature, so it is not good to share the home with birds or small rodents, they also run very fast, and are a bit difficult to catch.

From 2 months of age you should take it to the veterinarian to apply rabies and distemper vaccines, they are made annually. Although ferrets are very strong and rarely have diseases, they can present possible pathologies if you notice signs such as hair loss or appetite, vomiting and respiratory distress.

How your ferret’s cage should be

Ferrets spend most of their time in their cage, sleeping peacefully so it is important to keep it clean.

In addition, a cage for a ferret must be at least 90 centimeters high and 40 deep and 60 wide. The cage must be spacious, so if you have more than one ferret, you must multiply these measures by each of them.

Ferrets are very active pets, so the bars of their cage must be very well located and a short distance, so they can not leave between them. All ferret sizes are very active, and usually have a pretty funny character, because of how naughty they are, you will definitely want to have more than one!

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