5 curious dogs facts you probably didn’t know

Dogs Facts

We will present you bellow 5 curious dogs facts that you surely did not know.

Dogs domestication began approximately 15,000 years ago, and in all this time they do not cease to surprise us.

Your dog has the understanding of a 2 year old child

Children of 2 years can understand about 300 words and more than 50 different gestures, the same thing happens to dogs when they are adults, they are able to interpret if you are sad or angry, and will perform actions according to their orders always and When it is clear and you have received prior training, you can do it yourself.

Dogs hear 4 times more than a human

One of the most developed senses dogs have is the ear. This happens because their special ears that allow them to capture frequencies above and below what we can hear, a curiosity of dogs is that they can capture sounds that are inaudible to us, so there are special whistles to call them without you hearing No noise, but immediately they will come to you.

Dog Facts

This is why dogs are bothered by loud music and the sound of gunpowder, a fact to take into account particularly during the Christmas holidays.

Dogs can calculate time and schedules

All dogs learn routines and habits therefore they are able to calculate your schedule and act differently when you are absent for longer than you are used to, there are even studies that show that your pet can feel sadness and throw you away Missing if you stay away from it for too long, therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that your absence is not too long.

Female dogs are able to know if a woman is pregnant

Dogs in general can detect subtle in our scent, you knew that a person smells different for example when they are afraid or sad, and even when they intend to steal, or have already stolen and both smells are different that is why dogs are so Good guardians.

Females have a greater perception, particularly when it comes to human house members and alter their behavior in some way when women are pregnant, being much more sensitive in their dealings with this person, so it is possible that they move away , not because they are jealous, but because they don’t want to hurt the baby or the mother, so if you notice that a dog was very affectionate before and suddenly leaves a woman, she is very likely to be pregnant.

Pregnat Woman

Not all dogs bark

Eastern Banseji dogs do not bark but emit a similar sound the Tyrolean song, depending on their personality some dogs bark more than others and definitely the Chihuahuas are the kings of the bark.

Dogs Facts

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Dogs Facts

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